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Trinity GESE5: Music and recent personal events

Listen and answer:


                1.      What is your favourite type/genre of music?    
                2.      Who is your favourite artist?
                3.      Have you ever been to a concert of this artist?
                4.      What’s your favourite song?
                5.      Has this always been your favourite song?
                6.      What was your favourite song when you were younger?
                7.    Do you think you will like this group/artist in 30 years?
                8.      Would you rather listen to country music or classical music?
                9.      How often do you listen to music?
               10.     When was the last time you listened to music?
               11. Can you play any instrument?


               1.      Can you tell me about a recent experience when you laughed a lot?
               2.      Tell me about a good or bad experience in school.
               3.      Have you ever been really happy because you passed a test?
               4.      Do you get nervous when you take an exam?
               5.      Has anything unusual happened recently? Tell me about it.
               6.      Has anything interesting happened recently? Tell me about it.
               7.      Who was involved?
               8.      Have you been involved in a competition recently?
               9.      Do many people in your school do this?
               10.  Do many people in your country do this? 


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